Galactic Wrestling Federation

The Galactic Wrestling Federation or GWF, written by Tom Filsinger, is the original league in the COTG universe and has the richest history. As described in the Introductory Box Set handbook, the GWF was founded late in the 21st century when space travel and colonization linked the cosmos.  It features many of the games most popular characters, and paved the way for the other federations like the CPC/POW and aCe.

The GWF’s original game edition featured the exciting events of (the game year) 2087. It was then that Thantos, the Evil Gamemaster shattered the Galactic Code and created a team of villains in order to take over the entire federation while Star Warrior led the team of heroes who fought to keep the peace. As he would be throughout his long controversial career, the wildcard named Wolf was always in the thick of things.

The GWF characters are an exciting array of futuristic wrestlers. Some are from the planet Earth, but most are from an interesting mix of other worlds. There are the head-banging Gladiators of Aethra, the high flying Fighting Titans, and animalistic Ani-Men to name just a few! But don’t feel overwhelmed, in (the game year) 2119, there was a New Beginning to the GWF. The rosters were reset and all title belts were declared vacant! New Beginning is the perfect jumping-on point for newer players looking to start up their own federation!

The GWF is pro wrestling in the far-flung future and it’s up to YOU to decide what happens in the GWF ring, PROMOTER!



For a complete story and character breakdown of the GWF check out the Game Booklets that are included with the purchase of GWF game editions.