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Legends of Wrestling card game - Intro Box Set

Cost: $19.00


The LEGENDS OF WRESTLING Box Set features everything you need to play including instruction book, wrestling program (handbook), dice, charts, and more! This game edition also includes 24 incredible wrestling playing cards!

LEGENDS OF WRESTLING Intro Box Set roster:
Road Warrior Hawk
Road Warrior Animal
Jimmy Snuka
Harley Race
Nick Bockwinkel
Gorgeous George (with valet, Cherie Dupre)
Nature Boy Buddy Rogers
Giant Baba
King Kong Bundy
Ted Dibiase
Johnny Valentine
Greg Valentine
Bobo Brazil
The Sandman
Jimmy Valiant
Johnny Valiant
Nikolai Volkoff
Iron Sheik
Frank Gotch
Killer Kowalski
Ox Baker
The Destroyer
Playboy Buddy Rose
Red Bastein

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